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In this competitive healthcare market, developing new relationships and strengthening existing ones is more critical than ever.  We meet with, speak to and educate the decision makers in each doctors office to insure an increase in new patient referrals.
We offer options to meet every goal and budget.
Call or email us today for a No-Charge Consultation.
Relationships Are Everything.
Physician Testimonials

Marquis has helped our practice increase our referral base and patient volume.                Cardiology Associates

Public Relations


Create exposure based on your specialty and current topics in healthcare.  Capitalize on your experience and get people talking. 

Physician Referral 


Visiting area physicians offices and developing relationships with referral staff is still an important part of medical practice marketing.

Direct to Patient 


Patients today are more educated than ever.

Reaching them with the right message is a critical component of your marketing plan.

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