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Why Market?

Marketing your practice is not only accepted, it's appreciated and it is a NECESSITY.

As you know the medical industry has changed tremendously over the past years.

You can no longer sit back and wait for patients to come to you.

There are many reasons you should market your practice.

1.  You've been in practice for years, but the area physicians do not refer to you.

2.  You are new to the area and referring physicians don't know anything about you or your practice.

3.  You want to secure and protect your current referral base from new or existing competition in your area.

4.  You are looking to see a different kind of patient.

5.  You are looking to add more providers.

What ever your reason is... we can help.

Can referral patterns really be changed?

They absolutely can. You, as a specialist, may believe that there are such strong relationships between physicians in your area.  You think that must be the reason, because those referrals are not going to you, they are going to someone else. The truth of the matter is, there are very few strong personal relationships among physicians, no matter where you are.  Those referrals go to someone else for no other reason than that's where they have always gone.  And until you do something about it, they'll continue to go there. 

"Developing relationships with referral sources is the best way to grow and protect a specialty medical practice.  Knowing how to change referral patterns is our specialty."

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